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Types of Delivery Service Transportation

Delivery services are an important part of everyday life. Whether you run a business or just have your own projects to attend to at home, you probably interact with one of the major delivery services at least a couple of times each week. While delivery services use many methods to move goods around the world, the two most important are ground or truck transportation and air transportation.

Ground transportation

When you send a package across the country with standard shipping service, there is a good chance that the package spends at least a good portion of its time traveling by ground. Many companies use large tractor-trailer trucks to move packages from one region to another. These trucks can hold hundreds or thousands of packages and they make surprisingly good time due to dedicated professional drivers. Additionally, when the package is ready for delivery, it likely goes out on a smaller truck on its way to the final destination.

Air transportation

Moving packages long distances by truck is a great way to get the job done. However, when time is of the essence, or the package needs to cross an ocean, air transportation is incredibly useful. Air travel can move a package from one region of the world to another within hours. Most delivery companies have their own planes, or they may rent a plane from a commercial fleet. Either way, packages really move quickly when they travel by air.

Throughout history, there were many other ways of shipping packages. Trains, horseback and cargo ships are still occasionally used, but for the most part you can expect your package to make its journey by air or truck.